Prices & Saver Plan

One Off Bin Cleans

General waste bins £6.50

Recycling Bins £6.50

in Kings Lynn, Dersingham, Snettisham, Heacham, Hunstanton & Gayton

Garden Waste Bins £5.00 

when on Saver Plan

(Garden waste bins cleaned on the same day as Green or Black bins)



Per Bin Clean

Wheelie Bin Cleaning in Kings Lynn and Dersingham, Genaral Waste Bins (Black) Reycycling Bins (Green) Garden waste bins (Brown) one off clean £5.00 - Payment plan £2.95 per Clean.

Same day payment or Bac's transfers (No Cheques)

Please note: First Bin Cleans are charged at £5,00 when going onto the Saver Plan,

All other One off cleans without going onto the saver plan are charged at £6.50 per bin clean

Whelie Bin Cleaners in Kings Lynn,  General waste bins cleaned every 2 weeks Cleaned 24 times a year £2.95 per bin clean.

Saver Plan

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Services in this plan

Black - General waste bins £3.95 per bin clean x 2 cleans per month

Green Recycling bins

£2.95 per bin clean x 2 cleans per month.

Each bin cleaned every 2 weeks Cleaned 24 times a year (this allows for christmas disruptions and a holiday for ourselves)



Per Bin Clean

Payments by standing order, £13.80 per calender month 

Now available in Kings Lynn, Dersingham, Snettisham, Springwood, Heacham & Hunstanton 

Tuesdays - Wednesdays & Thursdays

The prices on this saver plan are set so low as we are keeping your bins clean and disinfected every time they are emptied, this makes our job and the business easier to manage. This is the best deal we can possibly offer and we are limited to the ammout of customers we can offer the plan to.

Standing Order forms provided for you to fill in and hand into your bank (we will never ask for your bank details) or you can simply set this up on your internet banking.

Please note: This is a ongoing service if you wish to cancel you wheelie bin cleaning service or standing order we would much appreciate you letting us know.

The saver plan is based on 12 monthly payments. 24 cleans for your Black bin and 24 cleans for your green bin.